After concert

After concert of  ensamble Poetrio by Bojan Glavina

How do you set a morning to music?  How do you drape yourself with the sounds of a tree?


How does a clarinet smell the flowers, or a lute capture the river and follow the sound of a stone as it sinks into the water, or how does the pizzicato of a cello catch the sound of rain drops?  How does a drum capture the footfall of old shoes?


Is it impossible?  No.  In fact all you need are three things: curiosity, awareness, and a dash of daring.


The members of POETRIO have all three –  a child’s curiosity and joy in discovering new words within the dimensions of sound and music.  They recognise that a whole cosmos is hidden within the smallest of day to day things (as in a haiku), and have the courage to create their own world of sound, with a new interpretation on that which is old, light and shadow, still life, and comfort while discovering new horizons.


POETRIO as it presents their project HAIKU2MUSIC is special, extraordinary and brings together contradictions that are as unique as nature itself.  It is an intimate communication, effortlessly deep, nostalgically witty, impressionistic.  It is a nocturne that is the brown of chestnuts, a whisper of nineteen ballerinas, the smell of burnt polenta within the dreams of a white cat.  It’s like ….POETRIO