About Poetrio


POETRIO is an ensemble from Slovenia that carefully selects the poetry to be put to music. With their creativity they try to influence and assist the others in seeking sense and sensibility in today’s world.

P O E T R I O:

Miri  Gvozdenac– music, lead voice&piano

Mary Agnes Servatius-violoncello,voice

Erik Kramberger Burgi-soprano sax, voice

Žiga Šercer- percussions, voice

Do not hesitate to contact us: poetrio4u@gmail.com

Miri plays accordion and piano, and from her tender age she loved singing, creating and improvising – she loves it more each day! She is the mastermind of the ensemble Poetrio. She loves music, bikes and parties with friends,

Mary Agnes dreamed about this kind of  band while she was living in America. She is the happiest person, because she is living her dream now! She is actually scientist.

Erik is from Izola, he is musician with construction elements and static dancer ;). He is also  member of  Faraoni, Jazzlessness, AP Group, The soul moovers, Nice price, Blue in green, and works with musicians  who play electronic music, also with DJ’s. He is Poetrio member since September 2016. His voice is nice and special, he improvises like hell. He also plays alto and bariton sax, but with Poetrio gentler soprano.

Žiga adds the special touch by playing anything that he can grab: cajon, goblet drum even spoons and forks if he finds that that works. He likes icecream and ćevapčići.

If you like our music we can write a song on a poem you chose for a special event in your life, just contact us:  poetrio4u@gmail.com